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Group and individual courses for beginners and experts from About and in other locations in collaboration with professionals.

Individual and tailor-made lessons,   with a maieutic approach

where the path is built starting from listening to needs,

individual experiences and skills.

For those who start and for those who want to refine their path; sometimes it only takes a few hours.  


"Learning is an experience, everything else is just information."

Albert Einstein 



Wax you need

One afternoon per week, with free frequency 
Based on everyone's needs, there will be personalized exercises with different waxes or support in the realization or
development of a

personal project.


starting from 30 euros/h

From Thursday 9 March 2023

Where: on site


I Metal You

metal goldsmithing

Subscription aimed at those who have a basic background in metalworking. Equipped benches will be available with a tutor available for technical and implementation issues.
Maximum of 5 subscribers.


Collective 6 or 12 hours
From  15th of JANUARY 2024


opening hours: 3 - 8 pm


Fai 'na goia

Dedicated to those who desire

approach the process

of non-precious metals 

and their connections with other materials.

Practical exercises between techniques and design .

Theory and tips about

precious and non-precious metals, advice on setting up the

work space  and equipment.


Collective: min 3 - max 5 students  6 & 7 JULY  2024
registrations open

Duration 13 Cost €380


Individual lessons
design consultancy

The individual lessons are tailor-made according to the different needs of the students.

There are often doubts about the construction of a non-traditional jewel and its design, the desire to use a material often clashes with the lack of some technical knowledge. Design consultancy for jewels and accessories.

individual / start up

from €60/ hour 

On - line e in site


A.B.C jewelry

Theory, regulations, bench practice of precious metal.

Through exercises and practice you will learn the basic techniques and steps necessary for the creation of silver jewelry.


10 lessons of 3 hours each

 morning or afternoon

Tuesday or Wednesday
Price €1500 vat included

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