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COURSE  JEWELERY A.B.C. Absolute Beginners Course

The basics of metal processing and design

with Giorgia Pisciutti 


During the course the techniques will be exhibited and applied  the use of tools for the realization of metal projects.
The jewels to be made are designed with the aim of creating an interesting gradual learning path. 'Learning is an experience' that allows students to develop, after the course, an autonomy in the study and implementation of personal projects.


The teaching, in addition to the realization of the artifacts, wants to provide the student with notions and analysis skills on the economy of the precious metals to be used, on the execution steps and on the design of the pieces. This learning will provide the basis for a different individual path for each one according to the attitudes, goals and skills developed.

The lessons are studied with a program modulated on the needs of those who approach metalworking for the first time in goldsmiths, the following processes will be performed:


  • Preparation of the silver alloy

  • Fusion, alloy and creation  925 silver alloy ingots  

  • We will perform:  rolling and drawing, cutting and grinding, use of hacksaw, files, cutters and drill.

  • We will try the fretwork, the deep drawing and some textures

  • The numerous welds will be carried out with a banquet torch.

  • At the end of each project, the  polishing and final cleaning of the pieces.    

  • During the last lessons  the student will sketch a jewel to be created using the techniques learned           
    The students will remain in possession of the created jewels.

NEW COLLECTIVE COURSE Spring edition starting on April 17th 2024

// Wednesday afternoon

33 hours divided into 11 three - hours lessons.

€ 1200  VAT included (+ € 50 contribution for materials)
TIMES: 4/7 pm 


INDIVIDUAL COURSE // Tuesday afternoon or evening  / Wednesday morning 

30 hours divided into 10 three - hours lessons.

€ 1500  VAT included (+ € 50 contribution for materials)
This course can be held in English or Spanish

​ ​For any further information please contact us by email: 

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