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Tailored lessons for beginners and advances, goldsmith, designers, artists.

with Giorgia Pisciutti - Co-founder About -


The individual lessons are tailor-made according to the different needs of the students after a meeting at About or online for 'a chat' about your requests.

There are often doubts about the construction of a non-traditional jewel and its design, the desire to use a material often clashes with the lack of some technical knowledge.

There are beautiful and unexpected materials to use, besides the magnificent classical goldsmith tradition, there is an entire world of materials and shapoes to explor.
The design remains in the draft it seems itìs not working, talking about it together the draft is outlined with stylistic solutions, ideas and suggestions to define that piece that you had there but did not materialize.

Or, if you need some bases for welding and joining metals and other materials, you can do targeted technical lessons.



Individual lessons and 'tailored' courses have a variable cost, online and face-to-face, from € 50 to €60 per hour including VAT, after the first meeting you will be offered a quote.


We will decode together days and hours, minimum two hours.

For any further information please contact us by email: 

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