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Experiences and workshops open to those who want to spend quality time experimenting and making jewels and accessories. You can attend the workshops alone or with your friends and family. Creative workshops for children and teenagers.  

"Every time we learn something new, we ourselves become something new"

Leo Buscaglia


Yes! You do

A beautiful couple's experience to give as a gift or to treat yourself.
With our tutoring you will create your own wedding rings, unique pieces, from casting to finishing.
Wedding rings made by you, a symbol of love.

Duration 6/7 hours
Cost €580 (excluding gold)



Goldsmith for a day

Spend a day at Goldsmith! 
Together with us 
you will learn the
traditional techniques for 
a ring in 
customizable silver.

Minimum two participants
Duration 4h
Cost €150 per person
Where: On site



A joyful day

We will start by studying what you would like to create, with the tutoring of an expert goldsmith you will create your first jewel.
The shapes and materials are infinite to create a jewel for yourself or to donate.

For two people or Individual
suitable for adults and children
Duration approximately 7 hours
Cost from €240


Friends & Family

With your family you can live a unique experience!
Have fun with metalworking and create a jewel that will remind you of this beautiful day together with your loved ones.
For children and teenagers
from 9 to 14 years old and parents.

Duration 4 hours
Cost from €240 


Amulets and Talismans

Why do we keep a train ticket,some empty matchboxes or a stone?
And if we combine them with other elements they become amulets and talismans.

Duration 6h
Cost from €180


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