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Courses for beginners and experts.

Throughout the year we offer continuous  and also short and weekend courses.

We collaborate  with international masters from About and beyond.  

It is possible to take individual lessons, consultations and tailor-made courses, with a maieutic approach where the path is built starting from your needs,  individual experiences and skills.

For those who start and for those who want to refine their path; sometimes it only takes a few hours.  


"Learning is an experience, everything else is just information."

Albert Einstein 


Basic and Advanced

Long-term courses for beginners, intermediates or experts on traditional goldsmithing and wax modeling techniques.


Short courses

Short courses focused on traditional and / or modern techniques from all over the world  , useful for enriching one's professional and stylistic background.



Workshops and experiences for those who want to experiment their manual skills and create while having fun in a real goldsmith workshop.

Courses for everyone, to do either alone or with friends and family, both for adults and children.

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