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I Metal You - hourly subscription- NEW 2024! -

Subscription aimed at those who have a basic background in metalworking.

Teacher: Giorgia  Pisciutti 


This subscription  it's for you that you havealready completed basic goldsmithing courses or experiences with me or with others and  you create bijoux by assembling, soldering, working precious stones and other materials to create your jewellery. Sometimes you feel the need for in-depth analysis, a comparison,technical and implementation support.

Even for beginners, but they are not individual lessons, we work with tutors for those who are present and need support.

I Metal You wants to providea support for your metalworking, for that welding that is best checked, a wild fretwork to be trained, a connection that doesn't connect and other technical and manufacturing problems for which you need advice, a demonstration, an explanation and a 'trick' to realize your ideas .


This is the right subscription also for those who do not have a 'fixed table' here with us and need, to carry out some work, support capable of resolving those technical difficulties that may be encountered during the creation of jewellery.

It is not the right subscription for those who carry out high-quality goldsmith work.

Some techniques, among the most requested,  to be explored further​​

  • How to transfer a design to metal

  • Pierce precious metal, and non-precious metal such as copper and brass.

  • Prototyping in aluminum and other materials

  • Production of rings for connections and chains.

  • Production of threads, weaves and straps  through annealing and drawing

  • Making pins.

  • Cabochon settings

  • Cold connections between metal and different materials

  • I use a bow, I use files, cutters and drills and other bench tools.

  • Metal drawing and Textures

  • Torch welding demonstration

  • Polishing and cleaning of metals with polisher and tumblers.

  • Precious and non-precious welding (ferrous metals excluded)

  • And so on...


From 15 JANUARY 2024


SUBSCRIPTION COST// minimum duration: two hours at a time

240 subscription of six hours (consumable in three months)

390 subscription of 12 hours (consumable in 5 months)


For any further information please contact us by email:



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