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A goldsmith day!

Make a piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift, a gift that will be appreciated for its uniqueness.


The day will start with a coffee and some sweets! We will talk about what you would like to achieve and its feasibility. Surely we will have talked about it first on the phone, you will have sent me photos and we would have discussed the materials to be used and the level of difficulty, we will arrive at a jewel project, which can be carried out in one day, which you will make here in our beautiful laboratory.

Depending on the shape and materials chosen there will be a small theoretical part to explain and introduce you to the use of the instrumentation in safety. You will be immediately fascinated!

We could melt, laminate, draw, perforate, deep-draw, texturize, weld and connect the materials we have chosen.

The ideas and types of artifacts to be made are practically infinite, you will be followed and directed to create a simple but very interesting jewel close to your taste and personality with technical steps typical of the goldsmith and design world.

A day, an experience to have 'a bit' of the beautiful goldsmith craft, with the goal to learn new things made with your hands, followed step by step throughout the execution process of your jewel.


COST // 

300 euros VAT free (non-precious materials are included)

DURATION // about 7 hours ​



480 euros VAT free(non-precious materials are included)


7/8 hours approximately ​

DATES & TIMES // to be agreed.

TEACHER // Giorgia pisciutti
VENUE // Milan



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