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realize the seal of love for the one you love

We know, whether it's made of paper or gold, it doesn't matter when it comes to love! 

The jewel given to us by those we love remains the most important and precious of all.

And if it is his hands that make it happen, it becomes its indelible seal.


Make with your hands your love jewel for the one you love . 

Available on weekends throughout the year, thanks to  teacher's name: Valentina! 



The ring is the symbol of indissoluble bond par excellence and its shape, the circle, is the symbol of infinity, like the love that binds two people.

But not everyone likes to wear rings, especially men.

Together we will design the perfect love jewel and you will be the one to make it with your own hands, whether they are pendants, bracelets, earrings, brooches, symbols and small objects to take with you. And we know, whether it's made of paper or gold, it doesn't matter if it's about love! 

The workshop will begin with an initial brief in which we will understand what are the characteristics of our love story and the emotions we want to put in our jewel.

We will move on to the type of jewel to be made,   to the choice of materials and the manufacturing process. We will use mixed goldsmith techniques such as: fretwork, texturing, riveting, deep drawing, welding, setting, using the material available in the laboratory.

There is the possibility of bringing materials to integrate into the jewel, significant elements in your love story (stones, shells, photos, stones, seeds, sticks etc etc ...) ._ 

If you want to make a gold jewel it is necessary to communicate it in advance and the cost of the material is borne by the participant.


COST //  

300 VAT free (materials are included)


About 6 hours ​



480 euros VAT free (materials are included)


About 8 hours ​

DATES & TIMES // to be agreed.

TEACHER //  Valentina Barella

VENUE // Milan - About Laboratory





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