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a dialogue between materials 

Sometimes you come across a material and you would like to transform it into something precious, to emphasize the intrinsic value of that particular fragment.

We often are  bound by the lack of familiarity with alternative techniques or we lack the idea to make the completeness of a new dialogue between materials, a new design.

You are passionate designers who assemble and create bijoux  but do you lack that technique or that particular equipment?

Many artists would like to 'downsize' their works by creating gods  jewelry but often technical support, a goldsmith tutoring is needed.

You are gods  'classic' goldsmiths and want to have fun with materials and designs never contemplated? A dialogue between virtuosity and the new? 

This workshop will focus on the pieces and materials that are worn and on the different techniques to make them dialogue and 'function' like jewels.


The workshop
  it will take place starting from the observation of the materials brought and studying together the aesthetic and technical possibilities. 
A few examples: a sprig can dialogue with gold, with precious stones, a piece of porcelain can be embedded and matched with precious metals, a plexiglass fragment can be riveted together with silver, brass and so on.

The possibilities are many, you can use them   various traditional and contemporary goldsmith techniques.



€ 180  VAT free (all non-precious materials are included)


About 6 hours

DATES & TIMES //  to be agreed with the teacher

TEACHER // Giorgia Pisciutti

SITE//  MILAN - About Laboratory



€ 150  VAT free (all non-precious materials are included)

On request : from two to a maximum of four  people

For any further information please contact us by email:  



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