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with Janos  Gabor Varga


Iron is an uncommon material in jewelry despite its beauty and wearability.
In this intensive course we will learn how to use the iron forging technique, both cold and hot, to create jewels; hybrid and versatile techniques that are used by both blacksmiths and goldsmiths.
The course
  will introduce the main techniques of designing and manufacturing iron jewelery, thanks also to the study of the geometry, topology and dynamism of the material.
The knowledge learned will also expand
  the way of thinking about more common metals in jewelry such as gold and silver.

Conduct of the course

The teacher  will introduce us to the main features of the design of the iron jewel and some of the most important techniques to make it.
Through some examples we will be able to test the reaction of iron to cold and hot forging and to the modeling of incandescent metal.
The materials required are the basic ones for a goldsmith's banquet, but most of the work can also be done in a normal workshop.
During the course, readings will be made on the history of iron, from its origins to today, examining its nature, character and its importance in our life, also talking about traditional and contemporary ferrous jewelery.
This theoretical part is apt to explain why we dare to call such a cheap and common material "precious".


Materials included in the course:
soft steel bars, tubes and sheets.

Optional material to be paid by the pupil:
bow, files, vise, portable flashlights: if you have some or all of these tools, bring them.

Duration and Costs

The course lasts 16 hours divided into two days

Next edition: dates to be defined

Registration: € 300


Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at: goldsmiths, artists, artisans, designers and students.


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