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by Valentina Barella


In this course we will learn how to shape hard wax to make rings which will then be cast into the desired metal.

The course teaches the basics of construction, the technique and some tricks of the trade for making rings as unique pieces or in small series.

We will start by making a band ring that will be there
base to then create more material and less geometric rings.

We'll move on to building a chevalier (signet-type) ring to learn the basics for
build more elaborate rings and that must follow a project.

I'll teach you how to create bezels for stones or elements to insert in your rings: if we know how to make settings well, we won't have (too many) problems with the stone setter, a professional figure who will help us to embellish our rings.

To create drawings, decorations, bas-reliefs we will use different techniques:
we will work by removal and addition of material.

Finally, I will teach you to recognize the final weight of the pieces depending on the metal chosen and the approximate casting price so that you have an idea of the costs when you bring the waxes to the casting. 
This is important both in terms of cost and wearability.

All necessary materials and tools are included in the course price.


The cost of casting and metal is not included as it varies greatly depending on the number of pieces and the metal used by each student.


-use and applications  of hard wax

- use tools and tricks of the trade

- technical information to correctly create a wax prototype (sizes and thicknesses) 

modeling of rings and bezels 

creation of different types of textures

notions of polishing process after casting


23-24 MARCH 2024

Saturday and Sunday 

10.00-13.00 / 14.00-18.00


collective : 14 hours spread over 2 days



GROUP 420 euro minimum 3 - maximum 6 students 

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