In Italy we have an ancient goldsmithing tradition, from Etruscan Jewelry to the fine Art of Benvenuto Cellini and, later, Mario Buccellati, nowadays tools and techinques are mostly the same.

Within 4 hours you will discover this amazing secret world of crasftmanship and be part of it, surrounded by the atmosphere of an authentic goldsmith workshop, between rolling mills, melting pots, files and hammers.

We're gonna lead you through the entire process of a Sterling Silver ring making, from the metal casting, sawing, milling and, at least, to polishing and waering.

We will start with a good Italian traditional coffee and pastry, meanwhile I will give some basis informations and we'll explain what we are going to do, after that is time for you to get your hands dirty!

You will actively partecipate in the making of the jewel and we'll teach you to be a proper craftman! You will be able to choose the design and write a special frase of yours, inside or outside the ring. And the end of this particular experience you will have your personal silver ring to always remind of your beautiful days in Italy, and a jewel with unique worth.



You could dirt your clothes, so please wear something suitable for work. Please DON'T wear wide sleeves or open shoes.

If you have long hair please bring with you something to tied them up.





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